America has a rich musical history from folk and blues through hip hop and heavy metal.  Blue Skool records is dedicated to preserving our rich musical heritage through an eclectic mix of musical styles and artists while striving to expand the musical milieu.  Some of our artists draw heavily from past musical styles, but we are also future-minded and dedicated to promoting the creation of new genres.  Even though the music industry machine is in place to facilitate artistic expression, it often hinders creativity to favor commerce.  It is our philosophy that such money-motivated decisions can thwart true cutting-edge art, and we strive to uphold artistic integrity while running a profitable record label in these unstable economic times. With our ever-larger jumps in technology, the music industry as we know it is dead, and Blue Skool Records will embrace new marketing and media to create a blue print for the music industry in the 21st century.  Finally, Blue Skool records is interested in promoting pure artists over fabricated paint-by-numbers pop stars, and we are always interested in signing and producing new artists with a unique voice and lyrical message.

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