Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Blue Skool Records strives to create the best possible sounds for everyone, from professional musicians to bedroom jammers and everything in between. Born out of a local musician’s tone-quest for capturing epic sounds from recorded history as well as some new ones he’d never heard, BSR offers traditional pedals with the best components and modifications. Blue Skool Record’s effects feature ear-tested components, point-to-point hand-wired circuits, true bypass switching (when appropriate), hand-drilled enclosures, custom graphics and paint, and PCBs made here in the USA. All the labor is painstakingly done by one tone-obsessed madman, and each circuit is ear-tested with multiple parts until every last bit of magic is gleaned from the design. While we strive for quality and consistency, each pedal is hand-made from the ground up, and no two are exactly identical. Like many famous Silicon Valley companies, Blue Skool Records is proud to be producing boutique effects in a garage. We all have to start somewhere. Start your tone journey today.